Playhouse Theatre Inc.

Playhouse Theatre Inc. is excited to present The Anniversary, a black comedy that will make you appreciate your own mother a little bit more! The Anniversary will be performed at the historic Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre 13th – 27th April.

The central character in The Anniversary is Mum, played by Dorren Kemeys, who gives new meaning to the phrase “possessive mother”.  One of theatre’s most monstrous creations, Mum controls her family like a cruel puppeteer – and there are plenty of strings attached to her affection.

Her three grown-up sons are still dominated by their scalpel-tongued, deviously manipulative mother, both in their daily business and personal lives.  Every year she manages to get them to come home on the anniversary of her wedding to the husband she despised, and who has now passed away.

As they gather for the celebration, two of three sons have something important to tell Mum. Terry, the middle son who is played by Oliver Pownall, wants to leave the family business to emigrate to Canada with his wife, played by Heather Maday. Tom, the youngest and Mum’s clear favourite, played by Lim Wilkinson, wants to marry the latest in a long line of girlfriends, Shirley, who is played by Hannah Pronk.  Their problem is to muster the bravery needed to tell her the news, because Mum is used to getting her own way and is willing to resort to the most despicable means and tricks to try to keep them close to her.  Add the eldest son Henry (Leroy Clarke) into the mix with his own secrets and the family is set to explode.

What follows is a night where Mum does what she does best, makes everyone's life a misery. 

The Anniversary is being directed by Terry Rutledge who is well known in the local theatre scene, and with such a talented and experienced cast and Director, the play is sure to be hugely entertaining.   

What:  The Tael Solutions Ltd season of The Anniversary by Bill Macilwraith

Where: The Playhouse Theatre, Glen Eden

When: 13th – 27th April 2024

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