Massey Community Trust (MCT)

Massey Community Trust (MCT) believes that as a community we have the power to hold and heal our own. We envision a community in which every person and whānau in Massey is safe, healthy, hopeful, and thriving. MCT aims to mobilise the resources available within our community in order to create a community of care that addresses our communities’ needs by supporting innovative ideas that foster positive change in Massey and beyond.

Breaking down barriers of social isolation and fear is central to MCT's mission, aiming to cultivate healthy relationships among families, neighbours, schools, faith groups, and services in Massey.

MCT actively runs programmes such as Celebrate Recovery, a year-round 12-step programme supporting individuals in navigating life's challenges and finding healing from the past and The Safety Net Project, which offers a safe supportive alternative to emergency accommodation for young people experiencing homelessness within a host whānau environment. MCT also runs free exercise classes twice a week, Mainly Music sessions for preschoolers, monthly community dinners, Community Kōrero educational events and Ready to Rent Workshops for young people.

For those eager to learn more about MCT's initiatives or explore volunteer opportunities, contact us at Together, let's build a thriving community where love and care for one another is at the centre.