Comb honey available from Don Buck Honey

Comb honey from the Hawke’s Bay, harvested from hives placed on agricultural land – this honey is largely from clover and squash (like pumpkin) flowers. The honey is a dark color and has a rich treacle-like flavor to it. Honey has some crystals in it but it is mainly runny. Comb honey is a real novelty for many people – this is the natural form of honey, just as the bees make it. Honeybees build comb cells out of wax to store honey in, covering it over with more wax once the honey is ready. The wax is safe to eat but it does get stuck in your teeth – so many people spit that out.

$15 each, 300-340g per comb. Special discount of 4x for $50, or box of 12x for $120 (this combines with usual discount for other potted honeys).Produced by another beekeeper and brought to you by Don Buck Honey! Pickups are from Massey or these can be couriered to you with Post Haste. ||