Stihl SHOP Westgate

New Year, New Lawnmower

Choosing the right lawnmower is the first step in caring for your lawn. Head in and see our team at STIHL SHOP Westgate for expert advice on selecting the best mower for your property.  They have a great range of STIHL battery mowers and petrol options from Masport and LawnMaster available in-store.  STIHL SHOP Westgate is also the home of the STIHL iMOW Robotic lawnmowers, with all exciting new models currently on display.

If you’ve just returned from holiday and your grass has grown tall, you might need to do a couple of passes with your lawnmower; starting with the highest blade height setting and then at a lower setting during the second pass. Our STIHL battery lawnmowers have various cutting heights to choose from and can be easily lowered or raised by using the lever on the side of the machine.

Kiwis like to cut right down low to the ground, however taking too much off the top can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. Mowing at a recommended height of 4 – 6 cm helps prevent yellow blemishes and unsightly scorch marks from popping up across the surface of your lawn, and reduces its susceptibility to damage from pests and disease.

Expert tip: Always use sharp lawnmower blades for nice, clean cuts that won't damage your grass. If you notice your blades have become blunt and dull – simply drop your lawnmower into our team for a quick and easy sharpening service.

Pat, Mo, Ryan and the team at STIHL SHOP Westgate look forward to seeing you in-store.  They’re a handy drop-off location for all your small engine servicing requirements too.

STIHL SHOP Westgate is open Mon-Fr 8.30-5, Sat 9-3, Sun 10 – 3