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Looking back on the whirlwind of the past year, it's clear that we've encountered significant challenges within our homes and our community, and some of these continue to linger. I know firsthand how essential it is to recognise that our bodies and minds can only withstand so much stress before it begins to take a long-term toll having been through this as a business owner myself. This can manifest as agitation, short tempers, shallow breathing, forgetfulness, thoughts of hopelessness, disrupted sleep patterns, heart issues or fatigue.

I think you need to genuinely acknowledge that there were huge challenges rather than dismissing them as inconsequential just because someone else had it worse. It still affected you in some way. We know strength often lies in unity, shared experiences, and the unwavering support we provide one another. As we approach the year's end, it's vital that you find an opportunity to pause and break away from what may have sneakily and unhealthily become your new normal. For many of us, it's challenging to recognise when this shift occurs. It's akin to overtraining; you're immersed in it before you realise it. Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, and overwhelm may have already started affecting you.

We strongly advocate for breaking this cycle and initiating a genuine reset whether that involves seeking out a mentor, coach, a friend, or exploring strategies from a professionally trained counsellor. Or seeing us. Change is essential to regain balance to your body’s response with ongoing demands and long term stress. Unlearning habits that no longer serve you positively and unplugging is an important life skill we should all strive to retain.

During the holidays these coming months, we will be open and available in a limited capacity, offering our massage and osteopathy services. Whilst it may seem like a luxury, massage is highly effective but often underrated restorative treatment. Our professionally trained therapists are experienced addressing various issues, including sports-related complaints, pregnancy discomfort, relaxation and long-term concerns. We’re increasingly seeing people seeking stress management specific treatments (which can include breathing and home care plan) that are capable of instigating meaningful changes in your wellbeing that works.

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Written by Anj Young, Director of Top Notch Bodyworks and Registered Osteopath