Christmas gig at the Rifle Range

The Wayne Taylor Band will be playing again at the Rifle Range amphitheatre in Hobsonville Point (opposite 6 Catalina Bay Drive) with a ‘Christmas Gig’ on Saturday 16 December at 5pm. This is a free community event. The band plays a nice mix of songs by The Beatles, Elton John, Lionel Ritchie and Billy Joel plus some originals.  For the Christmas gig the band will play these songs until 6pm, and then the focus will move to Christmas carols and a couple of Christmas original songs and items. Some young people and others will be involved with the Christmas music, which should finish around 6:30pm. You can check out the band on the website and on the Facebook page and YouTube channel both called Wayne Taylor Music NZ.

Let’s hope for a nice evening to enjoy the music and to sing some carols together. The words for the carols will be posted on the band website so people attending can access a soft copy while at the gig. You might want to bring something to eat and drink and also something to sit on as there is limited seating and the grass could be damp. Hope to see you there.