Reduced wait times for colonoscopy and gastroscopy with Waitematā Endoscopy

With bowel cancer the second highest cause of cancer deaths in New Zealand (more than breast and prostate cancer combined), early treatment is essential, with endoscopy an integral part of early cancer detection and diagnosis. Now, West Auckland residents requiring private endoscopy services will have access to significantly reduced wait times.

With the opening of its second state of the art endoscopy room, Waitematā Endoscopy is now able to offer patients a confirmed appointment within 7 days of a GP or specialist referral for most standard colonoscopies and gastroscopies, by matching patients with the availabilities of their experienced specialists*. Patients can now have increased access to world-class endoscopy care closer to home in West Auckland for greater peace of mind.

The clinics provide people with upper gastrointestinal issues, reflux, coeliac disease, colon/bowel cancer and irritable bowel disease, access to a highly experienced team of 16 gastroenterologists and surgeons, supported by a kind and compassionate nursing team. 

What is Endoscopy? 

Endoscopy is a way of looking inside the gut using a thin tube with a camera and light that is minimally invasive for the patient.  Commonly referred to as a “Top and Tail”, the “top” is a Gastroscopy, when the tube or scope is inserted through the mouth.  The “tail” is a Colonoscopy, where the scope is to get a good look at the colon or large bowel.

How do I get an appointment?

If you have health insurance, a referral from a GP or Specialist is usually required. Waitematā Endoscopy is an affiliated provider with Southern Cross Health Society, and can also apply for prior approval with NIB on your behalf.  We also provide quotes for other insurers, or if you would like to self-fund or would like to access endoscopy in advance of any public or insurer criteria you can self-refer and we can provide an estimate. 

Waitematā Endoscopy aims to deliver an international standard of excellence in endoscopy services for New Zealanders. With modern, purpose-built endoscopy facilities, including the latest technology and patient recovery areas, Dr Ali Jafer, Clinical Director, says “local residents can have increased peace of mind, knowing that they can receive timely and exceptional quality endoscopy when they need it, to improve quality of life and wellbeing”.

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