Community News

6 Jun

We’re back to help

During the lockdown Citizens Advice Massey was still helping people, through phone calls and email. We were also part of the team that rang the vulnerable for the Ministry of Social Development. It’s been great to reopen for face to face clients...

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3 Jun

Hobsonville Church

Hobsonville Church was built in 1875 as a combined meeting place, church and school incorporating a graveyard in the grounds at 1 Scott Road, Hobsonville. The land was given by Rice Owen Clark, one of the first Hobsonville settlers...

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1 Jun

Daniel Rissetto celebrates 30 years in the landscape supplies business

“The best thing about my business is the customers” says Daniel Rissetto, owner of the Central Landscape Supplies yard at 598 Swanson Rd. All his customers would agree that Daniel makes them feel welcome and he and his team go out of their way to make sure people get the right advice and products to get the job done...

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31 May

Add more rhythm to your child’s life

Brought to you by New Shoots Early Education.

Rhythm relaxes our bodies and minds so we can feel calm, connected and curious. It lets you engage with your children, and puts your children in a headspace where they can learn and grow. Here’s some tips to include more rhythm to your day...

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28 May

Summerset at Monterey Park

Summerset at Monterey Park have a brand new, exciting development underway. Work has already begun on our new patch of land, which will eventually be home to a stunning range of Waterfront Villas, Townhouses and Apartments...

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25 May

Rebuilding our SME economy

Small and medium business make up 97% of all businesses in New Zealand, and generate around a third of New Zealand GDP.  But for many lockdown has been really tough.  Income has been either reduced significantly or even reduced to zero for an extended period of time.  Even out of lockdown, revenue is not going to be at the same level as pre COVID-19...

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21 May

Covid-19 and the implications of getting it wrong

Do workers and employers fully understand their obligations and entitlements under the current Covid-19 situation? I spend a good deal of time in mediation or the ERA representing both employers and employees, and lately have been fielding calls from employees and employers around the wage subsidy...

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18 May


Most people have fluctuations in mood.  Feeling good one day, not so great the next.  But when does feeling “down” become depression?  Important criteria for depression include feeling down or depressed for most of the past month or losing interest in normal pleasurable activities for the past month...

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14 May

Jenna-Maree Cakery

At our store in Hobsonville you will find a wide range of delicious sweet treats.  We have ready to go cabinet cakes, cupcakes, macarons, slices, cookies, fudge, scones and more as well as gluten free / dairy free & vegan options...

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11 May

Tips to Avoid Dog Bites

Here are a few tips and myth busters that you may NOT be aware of.

A wagging tail – many of us have been told that this is a sign that the dog is happy. Unfortunately this is NOT always true. Research has shown us the tail wagging only shows that the dog is engaging with something in its environment...

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7 May

Your May garden

As the last leaves of autumn fall now is the time to protect your garden from frosts and harvest the ever classic feijoa for warm winter crumbles.

Autumn is the best time to plant new trees and shrubs as they can get established over the cooler, wetter winter months...

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4 May

Precision Roofing

Due to New Zealand returning to alert Level 3, the team at Precision Roofing will be back on board for business. We will be able to provide free no-obligation quotations and carry out roofing work contactless...

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1 May

My Science Playroom

With a range of emotions from bated breath, bright eyes and excited chatter my three boys would hurry me to the car to visit their favourite Science Museum in Pretoria South Africa. This happened like a ritual every school holiday. It was also an incentive to reward good learning behaviours. Their natural curiosity encouraged joyful exploration of various science models and physical science activities...

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30 Apr

The importance of imagination in early childhood

Years ago one of my daughters invented this theory. When I asked her why she thought the sky sometimes turned pink she pondered the question, and then, out of the blue informed me that the ponies are to blame. Ten years on, she still gazes at the sky and with a slight giggle says, “Look the ponies are here Mum.” I love this memory as it reminds me of the importance of allowing children to have the freedom to speculate and to develop their theories about the world around them..

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27 Apr

The sisterhood of motherhood

“A daughter is a treasure…and a cause of sleeplessness” stated Ben Sirach.  My daughter Lauren was born in October 2017.  “Sleeplessness” for me is an understatement.  Being a doctor, I thought I knew what “sleeplessness” meant.  During the early months, the memories of 12 hour nights on call and trooping through hospital corridors at 3 am seemed like a breeze...

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24 Apr

Have yourself a good eats Easter

Aside from indulging in all that chocolate over Easter, how about treating yourself to a decadent breakfast?

Try NoShortcuts Feijoa & Ginger jam with cream cheese on bagels for something superbly scrumptious...

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20 Apr

Kids’ safety programme delivered in Te Reo Maori

It seems to be every week we are hearing about a dog bite incident. In February there was another young boy bitten very badly outside an Auckland School. So what can we do to prevent these from occurring?

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17 Apr

Your business + solar power = excellent power bills

Daytime hours are the most productive hours for solar power. Most businesses operate in the daytime. They usually have big, sunny, productive roof-spaces where a solar system can ‘make-power-as-the-sun-shines’. If you are using that power, as it’s being made, you aren’t getting charged on your power bill...

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13 Apr

Commercial leases – for the tenant by Francine Cameron

It’s just an agreement to lease?  Do I really need to get legal advice before I sign?

Even if the agreement contains conditions you may still be tied to something you didn’t fully understand..

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10 Apr

Homes are for living not working

The Hangar is a purpose-built co-working office space located on the water’s edge in Catalina Bay, Hobsonville Point. Home to a number of business owners, entrepreneurs and remote workers..

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7 Apr

Scam spotting

An online scam is any scheme designed to trick people out of money or steal their personal information that uses, or is delivered via, digital communications. Here are a few tell-tale signs you might be being scammed...

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4 Apr

Stimulating indoor activities

It’s been a lovely summer weather-wise, although the current circumstances may find you staying at home more often. Or you may have a loved one at home or perhaps in residential care. They may want some new indoor activities in addition to their regular TV shows...

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1 Apr

Mother’s Day special

Mother’s Day is “a celebration honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society” (Wikipedia)...

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