Waitemata Endoscopy is right behind Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

June in NZ marks Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Waitemata Endoscopy is right behind supporting Bowel Cancer NZ to spread its biggest symptom awareness campaign.  Bowel cancer is preventable, and yet NZ has one the highest rates of bowel cancer. So the goal is to reach as many Kiwis as possible, so they know the symptoms and to get checked if they have concerns.

Bowel cancer is 90% curable if caught early, and yet it kills the same number of people as breast and prostate cancer combined.   No one ever died of embarrassment, but they do die of bowel cancer. 

At Waitemata Endoscopy, we have worked hard to solve the problem of timely access to a Colonoscopy for the early screening, detection and diagnosis of bowel cancer, at ideally its pre-cancerous stage.

Now with 17 Gastroenterologists and Surgeons, we are able to offer reduced waiting times for most standard Colonoscopy (and Gastroscopy) appointments within 7 working days of a GP or self-referral, when you let us match you with the availability of our experienced Specialists across the Waitemata Endoscopy Group.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A Colonoscopy is where a thin tube with a camera is used to look inside the gut to get a good look at the colon or large intestine.  This is a day procedure where you can go home the same day.  During a Colonoscopy, the doctor or Endoscopist may take biopsies and photos, remove polyps/growths and check for other bowel health conditions.

To find out what symptoms to look out for, an online symptom checker is available at www.bowelcancernz.org.nz/awareness-month

If you have ever had any anxiety about having a Colonoscopy, let our compassionate team put your mind at ease and provide you with excellent endoscopy care.  With increased capacity at both clinics across the Waitemata area, wait times are significantly reduced, easing the burden on the public health system. 

So don’t sit on your symptoms, take action for you and/or your whanau this June for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. 

To take a video tour of our Clinics and the patient journey, head to our website at www.waitemataendoscopy.co.nz/locations