Time to get your teeth professionally cleaned?

Demand for dental hygiene appointments to have your teeth professionally cleaned has majorly increased in recent years. More people are recognising the value in a hygiene appointment to maintain good oral health. So when should you get your teeth professionally cleaned?

The answer is usually “that depends”. Once a year is the normal recommendation for most people. But naturally everyone is different, so it’s important to check with your dentist or dental hygienist. They will consider the state of your historical and current oral health, brushing and flossing routines, lifestyle factors plus any extenuating health issues. Things like having a sweet tooth, not flossing often (or at all), history of cavities, smoking, wearing a dental appliance like a partial denture or braces, suffering from dry mouth, or having a chronic illness like diabetes or heart disease will put you into the high-risk category for tooth decay and gum disease. In these cases you may be advised to see your hygienist every six months – if not more often.  

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