Kiwis challenged to sweat for CF this September

Sweatember is back for 2021, challenging Kiwis to commit to any sweaty activity throughout September to get fit and raise money for New Zealanders living with cystic fibrosis (CF).  Created by Cystic Fibrosis NZ, the campaign aims to raise funds for support services and better access to life-saving medications that will help give a brighter future to Kiwis living with CF.

CF is a serious and ultimately terminal genetic condition which effects the lungs and digestive system. People with CF endure a demanding and time-consuming daily regime of lung clearance and medication, together with regular medical check-ups and, over time, increasingly frequent hospitalisations.

“It’s a brutal reality that CF cuts short the lives of those with the condition, with only half of individuals reaching 31 years of age in New Zealand,” says Jane Bollard, CE of CFNZ.

“Life-saving medications such as Trikafta are still not funded in New Zealand, severely impacting both quality and length of life. We are striving for a future where there is easy and equitable access to the best medicines and treatments across New Zealand no matter where a person with CF lives,” adds Jane.

By getting Sweaty for CF New Zealanders will help bring life-saving medicines such as Trikafta to New Zealand, provide support and information through CF Social Workers, and fund research for a life unlimited.

Josh Chase who is living with CF says: “Living with CF has never been easy - when I was younger all the extra tasks needed to stay healthy felt like a chore more than anything, especially when friends didn’t have to do the same. What drove me to take the first steps into fitness was the realisation I needed to better myself, keep myself fit, keep healthy and do what I could to preserve these lungs. My philosophy is that just because you get dealt a crappy hand doesn’t mean you automatically lose - you just have to play it out. This year, I will be joining Sweatember by training for my powerlifting comp, which is coming up in November. Any money donated will go straight to the CFNZ foundation, which helps people all over NZ with CF, not just myself!”

Make your sweat count today. Visit to sign up and get sweating, or donate to the campaign.