Hobsonville Laundromat

The Hobsonville Laundromat has now opened at 120A Hobsonville Road.  Our laundromat has been set up to serve all nearby communities. For high density suburbs like Hobsonville Point where residents may not have perfect clothes line facilities or limited spaces for washers and dryers, a laundromat plays an important role.  Our services include domestic laundry services such as washing and drying, folding, ironing, drop and pick up, home delivery and dry cleaning. We also offer similar services to commercial customers. Self-service and attended services are available. We are open all week from 7am - 9pm, with attended services Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm. Contact us on 09-218-9176 or 022 596 0700, hobsonvillelaundromat2021@gmail.com, hobsonvillelaundromat.co.nz and Facebook. We work with Maxwells Dry Cleaning for our dry cleaning services.