Planting advice

It is planting season with many plants heading out the gates at Awa Nursery to our customers gardens.  We thought it might be an opportune moment to pop up some planting advice in order to achieve the best results for your plants and trees.

• Soak the root ball by putting the tree in a bucket of water until the air bubbles stop, or pour a bucket of water over it.

• Dig a hole twice the size as the root ball if possible. 

• Put plant food tablets in the hole to encourage the roots to grow out and provide anchorage for the plant. This will get the plant off to the best possible start.

• Take the tree out of the bag and put in the hole making sure that the trunk is straight, and the tree is slightly higher than ground level.  Use a good garden mix to fill the hole and compact the soil around the roots.

• Water well

• Mulch, making sure the mulch does not go higher on the trunk than the original soil level.

• In clay soils, drainage is vital.  Fork the edges of the hole to help the drainage and replace with good garden mix.

• Stake tall trees if they are being planted in a windy site.  Make sure the stake is away from the root ball.  Use a tree tie that will break down over time to prevent the tree from being ring barked.

• Feed with balanced fertilizer spring and autumn and top up mulch to help conserve water and discourage weed growth.

• Water trees regularly until established.  Give big trees a good bucket full of water every second of third day during summer until established.  Light hosing and showers will only encourage the roots to the surface and delay the growth of anchoring roots.

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