Stimulating indoor activities

It’s been a lovely summer weather-wise, although the current circumstances may find you staying at home more often.  Or you may have a loved one at home or perhaps in residential care.  They may want some new indoor activities in addition to their regular TV shows.  Puzzles are a fantastic source of entertainment and mental stimulation.  Jigsaw puzzles are a traditional favourite and those who do them get immense satisfaction and enjoyment.  The pictures on jigsaw puzzles can be absolutely brilliant, detailed and colourful.  And if, when you think of jigsaws, you think of a million tiny pieces that are difficult to hold, there are jigsaws with a reasonable number of larger than normal (XL) pieces.  Mindjig has a range of wonderful puzzles, including Holdson jigsaw puzzles, ranging from 12 to 500 XL pieces.  Take a look at, or feel free to phone 09 600 3251, or call/text 022 480 3022.