What matters to you?

“Scott is able to take complex and intricate building details and make them easy to understand.

He was always quick to answer any questions we had with relevant information that mattered to us.

Not just irrelevant statistics and technical jargon. And we were relieved with the level of transparency Scott provided with regards to the pricing, specification and the overall process.

Scott methodically documented all of our specific requirements and incorporated them into the specifications and pricing for the build. Thank you!”

This new customer experience captures the way I love to operate. Whether it be at work or play.  Adding real value to an experience is what matters to me.

Focusing on the stuff that can make someone’s day. Transforming what could have been difficult into easy.

That’s what my motor runs on. The systems and the people that make up Optimal Homes operate in exactly the same way.

From the initial home planning phase right through to building completion. What matters to you when it comes to building new?

I would love to see how I can help. Send me a message at scott@optimalhomes.co.nz or give me a call on 027 406 3684.