At Hydrovac, we’re experts in wastewater and septic tanks. In fact, we’re the largest privately owned wastewater treatment system service provider in New Zealand… and we’re local. We love helping our community so we want to share four good tips on how to get the best from your wastewater system by keeping it healthy and happy.

1. Do not use bleaches or chlorine (like Napisan or Janola).

These products kill bugs which means they also kill off the good bacteria in your tank, causing it to smell unpleasant and block up the filters. Use these products in a bucket if you need to but DO NOT tip the bucket down your drains!

2. No fats or oils should go down drains.

These block the filters and kill the good bacteria in the tank.

3. Don’t wash tea leaves or coffee grounds down drains.

These block the tank filters. Instead, put them in the bin or drop your coffee grinds under your rose bushes – they love it!

4. Don’t wash your paint brushes or dispose of paint down drains.

These products will not only kill the bacteria in the tank, but the residue is very difficult and costly to remove.

If you do have any issues with your wastewater system or septic tank, we’re happy to help. Call us on 09 973 4866 or check out our website: www.hydrovac.co.nz.