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September brings with it the busiest gardening season of the year, plus longer, warmer days which mean more time in the garden! Spring also means that birds and bees are starting to re-appear in your garden.

We have some tips below to bring the birds and bees into your backyard.

1. Plant the right flowers

Bees like flowers that make good landing platforms or tubular flowers with nectar at the base – think daises, dandelions or snapdragons. Blue and yellow are favourite bee colours and lavender will always be a favourite.

2. Use trees and shrubs to help provide pollen and nectar throughout the season

Trees and shrubs can provide a flush of pollen and nectar early in the season before other plants have a chance to emerge.

3. Have shallow water Aavailable for the bees

Bees need to hydrate during their busy work day. Place some small stones or floating some pieces of wood in your bird bath, water container or saucepan for them to stop and have a drink. Bees can’t swim, so they have to be able to access water without treading water.

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